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14 летняя девочка наблюдает, как я перед занятием снимаю с седла стремена. Тяжко вздыхает и с галактической грустью в глазах говорит:
- Мир жесток...
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- You look good on him!
- I felt him come into my hands when I gave him his head
- I need spurs and a whip to really get him going.
- He's too much for her, maybe you should get on.
- He won't come into my hands!
- I didn't recognize you in clothes!
- As he comes up, lean forward and run your hands up the crest of his neck.
- There's nothing like having 17 hands between your legs.
- I'm gonna get off now.
- She's such a good girl, the instant she sees me walk out of the house, she pees!
- He's a bit of a bumpy ride, just try not to grip with your thighs too much.
- He needs a good 20 min to warm-up...
- Relax your back, don't pinch with your knees, go with the motion, rock your pelvis...
- Don't pump too much.
- Stop - so I can take your rubbers & chains off!
- Now where did I leave that whip?!?!?!
- How long of a shaft do I need for my new driving pony?
- Easy there, son, you've gotta love on them a little bit first, before you hop up (said to the stallion)
- Have any of you ever used him before? What do you think of his performance and semen quality?
- Just three more to inseminate, and I'll be done for today
- Do you think he's too big for me?
- Give me your penis back - I wasn't done cleaning it!
- I need a leg up.. he's to big to mount from the ground.
- When I was younger I used to think, "The bigger the better!" Now that I'm older, I kind of like the little ones.
- If he's not ridden 5 days a week he gets cranky...
- He got me off twice today.
- He's so wide- my hips ache after I ride him.
- I hate it when I'm already mounted and then realize I've forgotten my whip and spurs.
- (At the racetrack: a groom to an exercise rider) "You on me next?"
- A woman was in a store describing the breastplate which has three pieces of leather. two go over the shoulders and one between the legs etc.
- I'm doing that big black stallion today. Yeah, he was pretty wild last time so I'm going to have to be firm with him.
- He always drops when I rub his belly
- Now Honey, don't forget to tie the kids up before you feed them
- Does your boy just love to slobber all over you too?
- Just crack him on the ass - that'll get his attention!
- He hasn't figured out that he can poop and keep going yet.
- I gave him his head last night and he was so receptive to it
- Up, down - up, down - up, down
- You need to open your thighs a little more
- Get your hands out of your crotch if you want to feel his mouth
- How many babies did you have this year? - Only three, lost the fourth one, dammit. I'll shoot for four again next year.
- He looks great, hop off and let me have a go!
- Let's tease her a bit, and once she's ready, then we'll bring out the stud.
- His natural rhythm is short and bouncy, but if you want a good ride, you have to teach him about long and deep
- He needs to come under himself more...
- That is way too big for her mouth to handle.....
- She really drops in her back when he mounts her........
- Is she winking with her backend yet?.......
- He works so much better when I carry my whip
- My girlfriend was wondering after you were done with me if you could do her too?! (said to the farrier)
- You know, money's a little tight right now and I really don't want to pay for shoes for my five-year-old this winter. Do you think it would be okay to just let him go barefoot?

found it here http://www.dressageart.com/horsesayings1.htm
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Посмотреть на Яндекс.Фотках

Мой мозг вообще к ночи только работать начинает, у него творческий режим включается...
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Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson go on a camping trip, set up their tent, and fall asleep. Some hours later, Holmes wakes his faithful friend.

- Watson, look up at the sky and tell me what you see.

Watson replies, - I see millions of stars.

- What does that tell you?

Watson ponders for a minute.
- Astronomically speaking, it tells me that there are millions of galaxies and potentially billions of planets. Astrologically, it tells me that Saturn is in Leo. Timewise, it appears to be approximately a quarter past three. Theologically, it's evident the Lord is all-powerful and we are small and insignificant. Meteorologically, it seems we will have a beautiful day tomorrow. What does it tell you?

Holmes is silent for a moment, then speaks.
- Watson, you're idiot, someone has stolen our tent.
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Из фильма "Перл-Харбор". Разговор японских офицеров, причем внизу подстрочный перевод на английский. На русский это перевели вот как:
- Out of 350 planes, we have lost only 29. We are prepared to launch a third wave, Admiral.
- We no longer have surprise.We will withdraw the third wave
- Из 350 самолетов осталось 29. Мы преподали им урок, Адмирал.
- Для них это было настоящим сюрпризом. Их флот утонул в волнах.

Взято с http://www.freewebs.com/sined/pearls.htm


Jun. 25th, 2011 12:51 pm
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Роль в жизни: инициативный заводила.
Черты, необходимые для обретения жизненного опыта: оптимизм, дружелюбность, благожелательность, ораторские способности, леность, общительность, популярность, творческие способности, эгоцентризм, потребность в высокой оценке окружающих.
Три - это число означающее неустойчивость и символизируется треугольником, который представляет прошлое, настоящее и будущее. Оно объединяет талант в человеке и жизнерадостность, энергию и склонность к духовности.
Три это священное число. Например, именно своим триединством сильна Святая Троица в христианской религии. Тройка - символ динамичности натуры. Люди с цифрой три артистичны, склонны к творчеству и созиданию. Они щедры, обладают широкой натурой, но в браке эти люди не терпят обыденности.

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